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    Access to farm-fresh harvests

    Farmer Direct allows restaurants and chefs to connect directly with farms in their regional markets. Once signed up to the Farmer Direct Network, chefs will receive digital notifications from local farmers just prior to fresh harvests. Chefs can also send out requests when running low on fresh items, connecting with mobile storefronts in real-time for instant delivery. By working directly with regional farmers, chefs can build menus around the freshest local crops, while supporting local food systems and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Benefits of Buying Direct from Local Food Producers

    Buying farm fresh products supports local food suppliers and creates a stronger local food system.

    Fresher Offerings

    Local food is fresher, healthier and tastes better. Direct from the farm means it spends less time in transit, loses fewer nutrients, and incurs less spoilage.

    Boost Local Economy

    Food dollars spent with local agricultural producers stay in the local economy, creating a more stable environment that benefits many local businesses.

    Attract Foodies

    Local foods and farm-to-table menus promote agritourism and attracts food connoisseurs. Farm-fresh menu offerings typically create hype and enhance sales.

    Less Travel

    Local food travels much less distance to reach your chopping block than through typical wholesalers, using less fuel and generating less greenhouse gases.

    Less Waste

    When harvests are delivered directly to your kitchen, less food is wasted in the distribution chain versus traditional warehousing, packing, and transportation.

    Connecting Communities

    Local foods create more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers who supply them with homegrown offerings.

  • Join the Farmer Direct Network

    Your restaurant will be notified when local farms are selling in your area.