• A Complete Local Distribution Solution

    Farmer Direct will deploy intelligent network technology to automate sales, marketing, and delivery management.

    If most of your time is spent on the farm, how can there be enough hours in the day to consider managing your own delivery business? The answer lies in new technologies that automate nearly every task of the sales and delivery process, giving entrepreneurs the ability to build and manage direct-to-consumer programs through a single digital touchpoint.


    Farmer Direct's patented methods will be used to develop business tools that eliminate the traditional headaches of managing direct deliveries. Achieving more profitable direct sales is possible by launching intelligence-driven mobile markets.

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  • Planned Network Features

    E-commerce Storefront

    Create your own branded customer experience using our proprietary digital storefront. Upload photos of your products, set inventory quantities and dynamic pricing, and start booking presales and on-demand orders. Process cashless payments and have sales revenue flow directly into your bank account.

    Customer Database Management

    Managing customer data is essential for building a successful e-commerce business. Farmer Direct's vendor dashboard will manage your customers and helps to build new clients using local marketing tools. Convert your social media followers and fans into paying customers by linking to your social platforms.

    Real-Time Inventory

    Your customers will pair with delivery vehicles in real-time and place orders from actual onboard inventories. If operating as a roadside stand (pop-up mode), the network will send personalized digital promotions to nearby customers that pinpoint your location and announce that you're open for business.

    Automated Digital Marketing

    Sending timely digital communications to your customers is key for booking both presales and on-demand orders. The network will use advanced AI to send personalized text messages and email promotions at just the right time. Using automated promotions, truckloads of inventory can be completely presold before they even start out on their daily routes.

    Scheduling and Logistics

    Our AI assistant will provide you with each day's manifest, schedule, and routes. It will automatically update as new orders are placed. We plan to leverage the network to schedule CSA deliveries, making it much more easier for your customers to receive shares. Efficiency reports can be generated after each shift to evaluate and compare operations with previous shifts.

    Manage Multiple Delivery Areas

    Mobile commerce and home delivery has become the preferred channel for most consumers. Offering direct-to-consumer deliveries of your goods will increase your sales and profit margin. Schedule operations in different markets on different days of the week to broaden your reach. Imagine having the ability to serve all consumers within a 50 mile radius of your farm.

  • Pair with Customers in Various Modes

    Real-time communications promote sales through a variety of operational modes.

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    Your E-Commerce Storefront

    Customers place their orders through your Farmer Direct e-commerce storefront. The network pairs customers with the exact delivery vehicle that will be serving them to show actual onboard inventories.

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    Delivery Mode with Intelligent Messaging

    As you make deliveries in your local community, artificial intelligence will be used to send timely, personalized promotions to nearby customers, picking up new sales along the route.

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    Pop-Up Mode with Geotargeted Promotion

    Want to operate a pop-up event or team up with other farmers to create your own mobile farmers market? Send notifications to nearby customers to promote your event, seek preorders, and process digital sales.